Ingrid Goff Maidoff - Tending Joy

"Such blessings we receive, such gifts of grace. If we have wandered from the path of gladness, point us back to life!" ~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, Simple Graces for Every Meal

Ingrid Goff-Maidoff is a poet and inspirational author who lives on the island of Martha's Vineyard with her husband and two daughters.  Her work appears in numerous anthologies. Below are selections of her writing.

Archived Writings: Poems and Prayers

Here are poems selected from Ingrid's books, What Holds Us, and Moonlight and Remembrance.  Also lyrics from the album, Savor the Days.

Archived Writings: Articles
This collection of articles are from the archives of Ingrid's Newsletter, "Portions of Joy." May they help instill feelings of peace, plenty, joy and well-being.

Archived Writings: Daily Inspirations

These pages feature quotes and inspirations to gladden the heart and brighten any day.

TENDING JOY: Ingrid's Journal

Tending Joy Journal ARCHIVES Page

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