Ingrid Goff Maidoff - Tending Joy

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 I love feeling connected to something larger than my little self.  Don’t you?   I aim for this, not to transcend my daily life, but to breathe more meaning into it.   I hope for a life in which my soul might stretch out in communion with the World Soul, and yet not leave my life in the body behind. I long to feel a deep awareness of Grace- an intimacy with Love and Life itself….My books of poetry, songs, and quotation collections are all created in hopes to deepen and inspire an awareness of Grace and the depth of belonging in each of our lives.  YOU CAN CLICK ON EACH PRODUCT TO GO TO ITS DETAIL PAGE

THE HONEY SUTRAS ~$14.95 paperback - $40 Hand-sewn artist version.

GOOD MOTHER WELCOME, inspiring words for new moms ~14.00

POSTCARDS FROM THE LANDSCAPE OF JOY ~ handmade with magic ~$75.


WHAT HOLDS US, New and Selected Poems ~$14, e-book $7

Savor the Days ~$12.

BREATHE ~ Miniature Accordion Book ~$15.

~Joy, Light, Beautiful Wisdom ~ selected passages to fill your heart with joy $16 paperback- $46 hand-sewn hardcover

COURAGE ~ comforting quotations for difficult times ~$15.00

THE ABUNDANCE OF GRACE ~ reflections & quotations ~15.00

THE JOY BOOK ~ $16.00 paperback, $60 hand-sewn hardcover, or $12.95 e-book

IF I WERE A FAIRY, tiny treasure book ~$22.

MOONLIGHT & REMEMBRANCE ~ mystic love poems ~ $12.

THE GIFTS OF FRIENDSHIP ~lovely quotes to send a friend ~$12.75

LIVING WISDOM ~ quotations for inspired living ~ $12.75~



Symphony by William Ellery Channing, Miniature Book, $8.00

little book of happiness, $8.00

The Way of Love ~15.00

"Once you start reading her poetry you will experience what an incredible gift she has and how lovingly and carefully she uses words to paint a picture that draws us towards our True and Eternal Self.

But she leads us to the remembering of this awareness with the beauty of everyday things and moments. She allows us to find the sacredness in the ordinary, reminding us that we do not have to leave our home – or even our seat at the kitchen table – to experience our true beauty." ~Hollie Holden