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"What do you court, worship, gather to hold dear? In my mind I'd like to kiss you, but I'd ask these questions first." ~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff ~ One Thousand Evenings More

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PAPER ORNAMENTS 12.75 ~ $16.

I sell these ornaments at the Night Heron Gallery and the Artisan Fairs all year round- ornament collectors love their uniqueness.  It's difficut to offer them online, as papers can vary.  But I have put them up  onsite for those who saw them "live", and regret that they didn't purchase them on the spot.  These stunning tree ornaments are made from beautiful Japanese papers glued around a paper base, with glitter along the seams. They are available in two sizes- Large are around 5 by 5 inches, small are around 3 by 3.  I use a variety of paper colors- no two will be the exactly same, but I will try to accomodate preferences whenever possible.

For ease, and a price break, there are two assortments offered as well- 4 small ornaments for $50.  4 assorted Large ornaments for $60.00

 Use the drop down menu to indicate color and size preferences.  Smaller ornaments are 12.75, larger are $16.00

**Every ornament order comes with an extra surprise*^

what size and color would you like?:

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